Chaurya Movie Official Trailer 2016 | Sameer Asha Patil

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CAST: Kishor Kadam, Milind Shinde, Ganesh Yadav, Pradeep Velankar, Digvijay Rohidas, Dinesh Lata Shetty, Tirrtha Murbadkar
DIRECTOR: Sameer Asha Patil
DURATION: 02 hours 19 minutes
GENRE: Thriller | Crime | Social


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Chaurya Movie Trailer 2016

Chaurya Movie First Look Poster

Kishore Kadam (Marathi: किशोर कदम) (born November 9, 1967) is a Marathi actor who has acted in several Marathi and Hindi movies as well as in some TV serials. He is a veteran Marathi poet, writing with his pseudonym Saumitra (Marathi: सौमित्र) and well known for his poems in the album Garawa with Milind Ingle, all songs revolved on the topic of rain.


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