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Kiran kulkarni vs Kiran Kulkarni movie

CAST: Mohan Joshi, Subodh Bhave, Kranti Redkar, Avishkar Darwhekar, Priya Marathe, Namrata Awate
DIRECTOR: Kanchan Adhikari
DURATION: 02 hours 02 minutes
GENRE: Drama | Romance
Released Date: 17th june 2016



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Mohan Joshi is an Indian film, television and theater actor. He has worked in Hindi, Marathi, Bhojpuri and Kannada films.Joshi was born in Bangalore, Karnataka. He was educated and made his acting début in Pune, Maharashtra. For better career prospects, he later moved to Mumbai.Joshi started his career in theatre in Pune. He was noticed through the play Kuryat Sada Tingalam. Along with Anand Abhyankar and Suhasini Deshpande, the show was performed more than 1000 times.Joshi later on got various roles in Hindi and Marathi films. His 1993 comedy filmSawat Majhi Ladki was quite successful. Joshi played the lead role of a doctor husband of actressNeena Kulkarni and who is engaged in an extra-marital affair with his junior doctor played by Varsha Usgaonkar.


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