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Love Day – Pyaar Ka Din
Directed by Harish Kotian
Sandeep Choudhary
Produced by Baldev Singh Bedi
Written by Harish Kotian
Sandeep Choudhary
Starring Ajaz Khan
Sahil Anand
Harsh Naagar
Shalu Singh
Anant Mahadevan
Vaibhav Mathur


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Love Day – Pyaar Ka Din explores the journey of three childhood friends; Monty (Ajaz Khan), Sandy (Sahil Anand) and Harry (Harsh Nagar). Sandy and Harry often fall into trouble due to Monty’s antics. Sandy’s and Harry’s families do not approve of their friendship with Monty and separate the three friends. However, Monty returns to his friend’s lives after five years with a plan that would make them all rich. Monty’s plan backfires and his friends land into trouble again. Will Sandy and Harry regret their lifelong friendship.


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